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Why Solar And Hand-cranked Mobile Power Decline

Green Day is about, there are a lot of people do. Mobile power and solar and hand-cranked multi-purpose mobile power almost at the same time. Mobile power supply equipped with solar panels and a hand-cranked generator. Gao Fushuai called industry. High-tech configuration meeting the environmental pioneer. Not only easy to use, and fun. Once tied or with ordinary power in the industry. Once sentence, mobile power without a solar panel, you're too shy to foreigners. But now, it seems to have faded out of sight. Why the mobile power has declined, the key reason is its inherent problems. First, the costs are too high. Solar panels are made of silver-SI. Silver is a relatively expensive material. This thing with the power can be said to be very extravagant. Second, batteries are not resistant to high temperatures. Batteries normal use temperature is below 60 degrees. And in sun exposure, temperature of 70-80 degrees. For users, this is a very dangerous thing. Third, the conversion rate of solar panels is not ideal. We all know that transforming current almost trace.