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Phones Using The Mobile Power Will Hurt For A Long Time, Please

First of all, I can speak with certainty, complies with the specifications of the high-end ultra thin mobile power of digital hardware is not damaged. Following our terms of four ultra-thin mobile power supply specifications. First, must have constant power discharge current. And the current is not too big nor too small. General digital currents between 600 MA to 1000 Ma. Tablet takes about 2000 Ma. This data is also most mobile power standards in the market parameters. Second, mobile power supply must meet the standards of electronic products, third, mobile power supply output voltages must be stable. Output voltage to ensure the stable at 4.2V~5V area. Because most digital products in the market of the charging voltage is 4.2V, too high may damage electrical appliances. IV, mobile power's own protection circuits must pass. A lot of junk on the market no product protection circuit. Over discharge, overcurrent and short circuit have to do triple protection. Overall, mobile power supply output voltage output current stability, protection systems in place, is not going to cause damage to digital products and batteries.