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Mobile Power Supply Inlet Do

1. first confirmed it whether short-circuit and burned, do don't with to it charging of method, also cannot with it filling phone of method, but to eye views nasal smell, see inside whether smoke, or appearance whether has because high temperature and deformation of place, with nose smell whether has burn coke of taste, if has above any a phenomenon, description charging treasure burned has, on don't with it has; 2. If no above phenomenon, description charging treasure may didn't burned, put it put in ventilation dry of place, like balcony, let it slowly shade (about two or three days), Or use hair dryer low heat blowing charging charging treasure and the discharge mouth, then let it stay dry on the balcony (approximately 1 day). 3. Finally, a not important phone, try to charge mobile phones, if you can let it charge it charge, until you have all put inside, then to charge charging treasure, but most start to pay attention to safety, quickly pulled out charging if you have bad taste, cut off power, continue onto the balcony of the shade.