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How To Choose The Suitable Kids Table Lamp

Kids table lamps come in a wide variety of types, styles, and colors, which makes it easy to find one to match any child's room decoration. Although color and style are important factors in the selection process, other factors must also be considered. The size, cost, and the lumen is other important things to think about.

Choose the type of lamp that will work best in your child's room. If the lamp will be placed on a dresser, end table, or desk make sure that there is enough room on the surface to hold the lamp. Floor lamps save surface space but take away floor space instead. They might not be a good choice for younger kids, who might knock or tip over a floor lamp.

Choose a color or design that will match or complement the decoration in your kids' room. The table lamps shouldn't be just a lamp, an interesting design table lamp will be a artwork. We hope our kids enjoy every moment and everything in life, have a good study under the lamp light and good sleep under night light. Absolutely the table lamps for kids must be easy to operate.

Price is another factor to consider. If you need to stay within a certain budget, look at kids table lamps only within your price range. If style or design is more important than price, shop for what you need or like rather than by price. The cost of kids table lamps runs from inexpensive to very expensive, depending on the style, type of lamp, manufacturer, and the store where it is purchased.

Gladly our MQ01 table lamps for kids are on sale now, for reading, studying, decoration, and mobile device charging, It's 3-in-1 devcies, features as below

  • LED reading lamp for study, soft light, eyes protection

  • Night light / Mood light, it has 8 changing colors, touchless sensor control, just wave infront of the sensor, the color will change, also it has timer of 10/20/30 mins, don't worry to waste power after sleep, the lamp will be turn off automatically

  • USB desktop charger station, 4*USB ports, can charging 4 mobile devices at one time.

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For more details, please just click here.

Also you may buy one for your kids in our Amazon shop if you're interested.