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The peak season is coming. As a supplier, have you arrived at this information Get?

            The peak season is coming. As a supplier, have you arrived at this information Get?

I am looking forward to it. I hope that the season is coming. But for most sellers, don't be too happy. If we want to catch a good harvest in the busy season, we need to ask ourselves if the following information is Get.

Applicable to sellers and buyers

  1. Order as early as possible: order cycle length, also urged that the price of goods, the purchase cost is high, even, even the packaging carton prices rose a lot;

    Recently, various materials began to raise prices, partly because the factory orders more, rushed out, on the other hand is due to the country's environmental inspection, the sky is blue, many factories have been closed, goods naturally do not come out, so, no way, only the price

    Apart from the products that are normally sold, the prices of various accessories and accessories also have a small increase, for example, the package boxes that every seller must deliver. The price has increased a lot recently, which has resulted in the rise of the seller's operating costs.

    It is foreseeable that before Christmas, the rise of raw materials is the inevitable trend for sellers, in order to catch up with the shipment as early as possible, not only for the period, also in order to reduce the cost, but the value is not high for the accessories, if possible, may wish to purchase some reserves

  2. Do not discount express logistics costs rise, began to discharge bin, FBA sign and return on time are longer, more out of the frequency;


    In Amazon,in recent years, the price of FBA header has basically started to rise, and even some channels have not been discounted, causing seller logistics costs to rise. Logistics costs account for 1/4-1/3 share in the entire operation cost, which is a little too much for many sellers. When the logistics cost goes up, the seller must adjust the way of delivery appropriately if he wants to ensure the profit, and reduce the cost with the combination of commercial express, air transportation (private line) and the shipping three party, so as to ensure the profit rate.

    In addition to the rise in the cost of logistics, the logistics channels have started to discharge the warehouse warehouse explosion, this also means that the seller must plan ahead for their delivery for more time

    The dispatch of the goods, finally travelled to FBA warehouse, you will also find that the FBA warehouse also face the warehouse explosion case, sign the queue, FBA added time prolonged, the link loss time may cause the seller halfway out of stock of the situation, and the consequences of out of stock is self-evident, therefore, do a good job of logistics plan, plan, prepare for Plan B is very important.

    Of course, there is also a reminder that there are some sellers who have not yet begun to send FBA, so it is very necessary to send a ticket to FBA as soon as possible. According to the experience of the past year, Amazon in early October last year suddenly announced before did not send FBA seller will suspend FBA delivery to the Christmas message, for those who do not have FBA sellers, and almost equal to the season.

    You may refute, no, I can send it from it. Is the season to, even from the ship will also have more orders, but in the case of the United States, the best from the delivery channel E Po, every year during the season there led to delays in the warehouse explosion and transportation. For example, last year, there were consumers who complained about buying goods for two months, and they had not received the goods at Christmas. The seller is not fraud, logistics really suck

    Nothing, you can try, anyway, eating out sellers are taught by FBA tuition is good.