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The latest tide of price of package is already coming! Who pays for it

                               The latest tide of price of package is already coming! 

                                                          Who pays for it?

As China's "three to one drop fill" the continuous progress of relevant policies, environmental regulation has intensified, the pace of structural reform, the supply side continues to accelerate, resulting in most of the "small and scattered" enterprises have been shut down, fined and banned, the rising prices of raw materials, environmental protection back detonated after the price surge again sounded the alarm! Being able to buy goods in August is a kind of happiness! Do not ask price, ask directly to sell goods!

Upstream paper prices skyrocketing, the highest increase of 1500/ tons

Under the pressure of environmental protection, the upstream mill, paperboard factory raw material shortage, paper prices skyrocketing waves, Chenming and Mori Hiroshi, Thailand and other tycoons have issued a price letter, other mills to be outdone, have raised the price of paper, the highest and most capricious or as much as 1500/ tons!


The most expensive letter in history: I am capricious! I'm up 1500!

But I think this is kidding!??



The giant paper enterprise Chenming, Mori Hiroshi, Huatai again two hundred

this's real...


but the news have something late...

But in the long run, because the environmental cost increases will eventually step by step to the hands of consumers. It is reported that the price of living paper has risen. The price of products such as moon cakes, cosmetics and other packaging products has been raised to a certain extent, and the price increase is a foregone conclusion. In addition, a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises carry out the adjustment of foreign trade prices.

It can be seen that the environmental inspector is a double-edged sword. Although it can improve the environment level and promote the sustainable development of all industries, it will also bring some burden to the enterprises and the ordinary people.