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Thanksgiving for American Black Friday shopping guide 2017

                    Thanksgiving for American Black Friday shopping guide 2017

Once a year the double past eleven, I believe we must gain a lot, but also in the United States in November, after the traditional Thanksgiving Day and Christmas shopping season - "black Friday" is about to start, then after Thanksgiving, Christmas shopping season, when buying something what you need to pay attention to it, then let the old the almanac to bring you, 2017 American black five shopping raiders.

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Panic buying strategy: online shopping or shopping spree into the store?

Said the first online shopping, actually Thanksgiving promotions from the beginning of November has already begun. If you have registered members in the major brand websites or shopping malls, then the content will be sent to you by mail. Even if there is no registered member, do not worry, the activities of each website can be directly queried, as long as you pay attention to it.

Compared with the entity store panic, online shopping is certainly more convenient, when you buy things can also compare prices, the most important thing is that online orders are indeed much better than the entity shop to grab grab. However, according to past experience, the discount is really higher than some online shopping shops, so black Friday morning, there are many consumers lined up long queues waiting to buy into the store.

Before black five, businesses will disclose through the website poster black five day of the preferential activities, which must go to the store to buy things will be marked out, if it is popular online shopping supplies, but also recommended to advance into the shopping cart. In fact, the American black five online shopping will also be similar to Taobao double eleven day, sold out is a common thing. If you choose online shopping of course is not only limited to black five on the same day, followed by online shopping on Monday is even more menacing, great latecomers become the first.

About solid store rush, must be fully prepared, in advance of the official website to inquire the good price. If the price difference is not very large, or the purchase of things is not much, not recommended to grab the goods. Five black night, there are a lot of people even camped out in front of the store on the line, as is the first time to grab their favorite goods. After the end of the black five day, many shopping malls will not rush to buy finished goods tidy up, and then on Monday shopping online activities continue to promote, so it does not have to rush.


Panic buying: what do you need to buy?

Don't buy it just because it's cheap, and make sure what you need to buy is the key. If you buy household goods for your family, you must make a budget, list what you need to buy, and don't go to the mall to see what to buy cheap. Results buy home to find something at home is not worth the candle. Although most of the businesses can return, but another trip is unnecessary, especially a lot of shopping malls are relatively remote, in order to return to take the time and cost of oil is not worth.

Before the five black is recommended to check the nearby shopping spree, super activity. If you want to have a long time, then you must check the price before, convenient and black five price contrast.

Keep sober: will black five be more favorable on the day?

Not exactly, many appliances are indeed black five is worth to start, but some products, such as beauty products, not need to grab in the black five day purchase, many shopping malls already in the black five before the introduction of quite attractive discounts and packs.

Recommendations do not have to wait until the five day of the black, if it is found that the right goods have the right price, then we must be shot as soon as possible, popular products must be fast start, minutes out of rhythm, the business is absolutely not the same launch promotions two times during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Of course, black five discount is also divided into categories, if it is electronic products, household products or infants and young children of a class of goods, is indeed the black five day of the focus of panic buying objects.

In general, American black Friday sales of almost all aspects of life. But in fact, in addition to black Friday, there are many American holidays promotional activities, for example, if you are in the black five the word, followed by "online shopping Monday" (Cyber Monday) is also a good choice.

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