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Q.C Of Q.C Power Bank(3)

here's some prepare before you buying q.c power bank:

First of all ,Having a clear known on type of quick charging,that's 5v/2a,5V/2.4A,12V/1.5A(enhance voltage),even 5V/4A.

And then;

  1. Checking your mobile device ,which kind of voltage it can be support.

  2. Prepareing a good charging lines(can support quick charging )

  3. Checking power bank carefully,does it within quality,within real charging,within useable certification.For example,you checking your favorite as our display :

  4. simple introdution


  5. DImension

  6. QQ图片20170904153702.png

     Useful Patent No:type-c专利号.png

certification must be related to battery of your favorite power bank.

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