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Q.C Of Q.C Power Bank(1)

As most normal power bank,5V/2A will be universal charging power,because many normal device just can be charging by that power.

But many supplier will do un-real 5V/2A so that they can get more profit.

Such as 5V/1A input,for 10000mah power bank,you may charging that more than 10 hours,it even haven't been full battery!


Because many supplier think ≥0.3A,is same as 1A.In fact,it's total different!

For 5V/2A.also many supplier think ≥0.8A will be same as 2A,that's why your charging time is longer than manual.

On my factory,just more than 0.6A will be real 5V/1A,more than 1.5A will be real 5V/2A.

You may have a question ,why you are so proud of your product ,you are not real 1A.too.

Listen,there's no perfect-display on testing machine,like capacity ,after input&output,10000mah battery will be less than 10000mah any more ,must do some of that been lost.

What we do ,is just to make waste more small,just more better than same suppiler,that's we can support.