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How to clean white power

Mobile power supply cover most of the material is made of plastic materials, made from the material of mobile power with impact resistance is good, good insulation, low heat conductivity, chemical stability, will not rust, light weight, and low cost. Mobile power for dirty white, fire power are of the opinion that relatively simple cleaning method is to use an eraser to linger, or use towels soaked in hot water containing detergent to wipe, you can achieve the purpose of cleaning. If you for the cleaning results are not satisfactory, you can try using cleaning automobile upholstery and other environment foam cleaner for cleaning. In addition, teach you several ways: 1. using toothpaste cleaning ~ of toothpaste abrasives, are grinding, polishing, 2. ~ can stick with alcohol on a cloth with alcohol and hold with your fingers, gently rub, 3. with a cloth dipped in alkaline, vinegar scrub, should not use scouring powder, so as not to wear plastic tableware surface gloss