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Basic knowledge of travel by air with charger treasure

Due to the popularity of smartphones and tablets, Bao became a necessary artifact of our trip, charging, but if we took charge treasure to fly, airlines for charging Bao has more stringent requirements, Following on introduced about took aircraft travel with charging treasure need note which: a,. According to name airlines Council of provides, registration of passengers per person more with of charging treasure of number cannot over two a, so we in travel Shi, to control with charging treasure of number slightly, if several people together travel, best will multiple charging treasure separate carry, so as not to appeared charging treasure number exceeded and was detained. B. air provides passengers with charging treasure does not exceeding 160Wh, charging below 100Wh Bao did not directly carry, over 100Wh 160Wh, we will negotiate with the airlines, the airline agreed to, we can take a machine, but still larger than 160Wh charging treasure, be confiscated or sleeping at home